When we talk about presentation, we are talking about transferring messages and visual communication. In order to deliver the message correctly and effective, we need visualization which suits our needs.

Unfortunately, people tends to ignore the relation between messages they want to convey and strong visual communication in their slides. According to Microsoft estimates written by Ian Parker in New York Magazines, people waste $250 million per day due to a bad powerpoint!

Toko Presentasi comes with the idea to solve the problem. We offer you a chance to deliver your message in a powerful way through creative visualization. We also provide a full service for customer who needs guidance in preparing their presentation and not only design their slide visual. For company who needs to put their visual branding in slides, we provide company template which can be customized based on request. We believe that transferring your messages to audience through visual communication can be optimized with well crafted slides.

Toko Presentasi has a mission to be the best presentation designer in Indonesia and becoming the leader of change for presentation industry in Indonesia. In order to be the best presentation designer, Toko Presentasi team eager to learn and grow together with our customer. Would you like to learn and grow together with us?

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